Sensor Processing, Pogo Pins, and MICTOR

Sensor Processing


Cards, Carriers, Adapters, and Embedded Systems

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Spring-Loaded Pins

Pogo Pins

Our own catalog of custom-designed, precision spring-loaded pins is available with a variety of lengths, diameter, and plunger types. 

Applications for Pogo Pins include testing and custom connectors. Pitch as small as 0.30 mm are available. Tap the button to see our catalog of options.



The adapters permit system designers the ability to simultaneously connect a logic analyzer and oscilloscope, or any other pair of instruments which can connect to the MICTOR connector and header pins.

ISI provides MICTOR breakouts in various sizes, ranging from 38 to 152 pins. Tap the button to see our range of cables and adapters!

Thousands of Configurations

Standard Connectors



RFSoC Card

Featuring the AMD RFSoC

The RFX-8440 card from BittWare leverages the AMD RFSoC device. It’s got 4-channel analog in/out, 200G digital I/O, and is available in a variety of configurations. Jump to the BittWare site to learn more.


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Integration of our easy-to-use XMC cards reduces the investment and risk associated with designing complicated, cutting-edge signal processing technology into larger systems. Their small size and rugged form-factor make them ideal for a variety of applications.

Carrier Modules & Adapters

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Products for use within desktop and industrial PCs. Combine any FMC module with the PEX7-COP or PEX6-COP or any XMC module with our PCIe-XMC adapters to add low-latency, deterministic and autonomous processing to any platform running Linux or Windows.

Embedded Computing Systems

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User customized, turnkey, embedded computing system instruments include an ultra-small form-factor, full-featured Windows/Linux PC and supports a wide assortment of XMC or FMC cards. A variety of solutions for Embedded computing system Instrumentation, Remote, Autonomous IO, Mobile Instrumentation, and Distributed Data Acquisition.

FMC Cards

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FMC cards were created to provide a standard mezzanine card form factor, connectors, and modular interface to an FPGA located on a base card (carrier card). Decoupling the I/O interfaces from the FPGA in this manner simplifies I/O interface card design while maximizing module reuse.