Advanced XMC PCIe Adapter

XMC Module to desktop x8 PCIe slot adapter with up to Gen 3 speed

advanced xmc pcie adapter


The XMC module to PCI Express Adapter (“Adapter”) allows a single width XMC VITA 42.3 compatible module to be used in a PCI Express x8 or x16 slot.

Key Features

Adapt XMC VITA 42.3 to PCIe

High-speed expansion port for optional QSFPs

Supports up to PCIe Gen3 speed

Advanced XMC PCIe Adapter
Block Diagram, Data Sheet and Product Details


  • Adapts one XMC PCI Express VITA 42.3 module to a desktop PCI Express slot
  • Supports up to 8 PCIe lanes
  • High speed expansion port from XMC P16 connector available via a Dual MiniSAS HD type connector or two QSFP ports when used with an optional Satellite board
  • 8 differential DIO signal pairs from XMC P16 routed to the DIO connector on the bracket
  • IEEE 1386 XMC mechanicals
  • Configurable XMC VPWR options
  • Auxiliary power connector for VPWR (External Power option)
  • Can be used with VPWR = +5V with the auxiliary power connector
  • Clean +3.3V on-board power supply for low-noise XMC module operation
  • On-board input voltage monitor/sequencer for XMC module protection
  • Robust thermal solution allows effective cooling of the high power dissipating XMC modules
  • On-board USB to JTAG programmer allows XMC module FPGA programming via the P15 connector
  • 14-pin JTAG header with Xilinx compatible pinout is also provided
  • XMC Module Voltage and Current Test header
  • 3-Bit Geographic Address DIP switch
  • External Clock, Trigger and 1 PPS RF SSMC type connectors
  • ~2/3 full length PCI Express card
  • Occupies two adjacent slots in the system (one must be PCIe x8 or x16 slot; no connections on the second slot)
  • Satellite board requires single x1 PCIe slot


  • Add XMC modules to standard PCIe host systems
  • System expansion using high speed serial links

By using the high quality low loss PCB material and the best layout practices for maintaining highest possible signal integrity up to Gen 3 PCIe speed operation is possible. However, the PCIe link maximum speed is dependent on the used XMC module /host system combination and cannot be guaranteed by Interconnect Systems.

The XMC P16 connector’s eight high-speed signal pairs, which are typically connected to the Multi-Gigabit Transceivers (MGT) on the XMC module’s FPGA, are routed to a dual Mini SAS HD SB type connector and, with an optional XMC-PCIe x8 Adapter Satellite Board (“Satellite Board”), provide user with two high speed QSFP ports. This allows for a simple way to “patch-panel” communications links between cards and or/other systems. A direct board to board connection without the Satellite board is also possible when two Adapter boards are used inside the same host system. When operating with most Innovative XMC modules speeds up to 3Gbps are typically achievable.

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