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Our Collaborative Approach to Custom Microelectronic Module Development

One-Stop-Shop for End-to-End Custom Module Development

Beginning in the early stages of a project, ISI delivers value through deep technical engagements with system-level designers and project stakeholders to clearly define requirements and identify challenges.

Whether you have a new idea to develop from the ground up, or want to improve upon an existing product, ISI has developed processes to efficiently progress through each stage of a project to quickly deliver the most cost-effective modules that fully meet your technical requirements. 

ISI offers a broad range of capabilities that are rare to find under one roof:

  • A talented multi-disciplined engineering staff adept at collaborative technical engagements that produce innovative design solutions

  • A broad range of electronics manufacturing capabilities coupled with an operations team experienced in developing new reliable manufacturing processes for quick proto-typing and production-level assemblies

  • Hardware, firmware, and software capabilities to develop custom test solutions to verify functionality and ensure quality

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1. Customer

2. Feasibility

  • A high-level concept design, layout or “space study.”
  • An approximation of the number of engineering hours needed to provide a solution
  • The estimated costs for delivering such a solution

3. Quotation

  • Non-Recurring Engineering (“NRE”) charges based on the engineering hours and 3rd party charges required to facilitate the design
  • Price (or lot charge) for first prototypes
  • Production pricing estimate based on the current design parameters
  • Timeline for engineering work, prototypes and production

4. Project

  • Once a purchase order is received, ISI’s engineering team kicks off design work on the project. The mechanical, electrical, thermal, and material selection aspects of the design are considered with a particular focus on optimizing the design for manufacturability.

  • ISI experienced PCB and Substrate design team utilizing the latest tools and materials, design for manufacturability with our PCB supply chain partners.

  • Frequent technical exchanges between the customer engineering and ISI engineering ensure a design that meets customer’s expectations.

  • Prior to fabrication, the final design is sent to the customer for approval and sign off.

5. Design

  • Once customer design approval is received, ISI places orders with its supply base to get materials on order to build initial prototypes.

  • ISI manufacturing team develops tools, molds, fixtures and other custom equipment to develop a custom manufacturing line to reliably manufacture the prototypes.

6. Production

  • ISI delivers prototypes and first article reports to the customer for their review and approval.
  • Once the customer has tested the prototypes on their assembly line and in their end product, final approval is sought to release the product for production
  • Once final approval is obtained, product is released for volume production.

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