BGA Reballing Services

Audited and Qualified BGA Reballing Supplier to Tier1 Defense Contractors

Most semiconductor suppliers have converted to lead-free packaging, creating reliability and compatibility dilemmas for military, aerospace and hi-rel applications. ISI’s process of BGA reballing services involves the removal of lead-free (RoHS) solder spheres then attaching leaded Sn63Pb37 eutectic spheres. ISI offers solutions to meet any customer’s configuration requirements.

Why Choose ISI for BGA Reballing?

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Precision and Temperature Sensitivity

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  • 100% automated optical inspection for true position, flatness and co-planarity
  • All processes in accordance with IPC/JEDEC J-STD sensitivity levels
  • Component temperature exposure is minimized during the ball removal process
  • All parts are reballed using a custom temperature profile in a nitrogen environment

ISI's 10-Step Certified BGA Reballing Conversion Process

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  1. Incoming inspection procedures per Quality Assurance Procedures (QAP)
  2. Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) requirements are observed and followed
  3. Deballing process is specified based on the component
  4. Reballing utilizes high-accuracy assembly tooling for ball placement
  5. Reflow solder profiles customized for each component
  6. Post-ball attach cleaning procedures are monitored and measured using an ionograph
  7. Part marking available per customer specifications on request
  8. True position, co-planarity, and flatness are measured using automated optical inspection equipment
  9. Final inspection per QAP
  10. Packaging options: either customer supplied, JEDEC trays or tape and reel

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