PDF Guide to IC Adapters & Interposers

Replace Unavailable ICs With No PCB Redesign/Re-Spin

IC interposer adapter

Custom Solutions for Supply Shortages and End-of-Life Components

ISI, a Molex company, offers customers an array of alternative options to circumvent supply and obsolescence issues. Our ability to develop adapters and interposers allows our customers to utilize parts that are available now by converting to an existing footprint. In many cases, we are able to help avoid PCB redesigns and deliver a cost-effective solution to extend the lifecycle and maintain production of your products. Avoid lifetime buys, gray market, and costly re-spins.

Adapt to Any Footprint

ISI adapters can be made to replace any standard IC package
  • BGA Adapters
  • Leadframe Adapters
  • PGA/DIP/SIP Adapters
ic interposer replacement device

Why Choose ISI for IC Adapters?

ISI is a recognized industry leader and manufacturer of adapter products that convert single or multiple components to almost any IC footprint. We help customers through semiconductor shortages, outages and EoL issues.

  • With 30+ years experience, we produce over 100 new designs annually
  • Our manufacturing is cost-competitive at high volumes
  • We’ve developed and manufactured proprietary interconnect methods to accommodate any IC footprint (FlexFrame, BGA, PGA, etc…)
  • Our adapters are designed for use in high-volume SMT manufacturing lines using standard SMT processes
  • Our adapters can be assembled to the PCB with the same process as original IC
ic interposer
IC interposer adapter guide

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