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Experts in IC Obsolescence

ISI’s obsolescence solutions help our customers to circumvent IC obsolescence and parts shortages with the development of customized solutions that avoid the time and cost of re-spinning or re-designing PCBs.

ISI Lifecycle Solutions

IC Interposers & Adapters

ISI is a recognized industry leader and manufacturer of adapter products that convert single or multiple components to almost any IC footprint. We help customers through semiconductor shortages, outages and EoL issues.
Simple BGA adapter illustration

BGA Reballing

Lead-free, packaged products create reliability and compatibility dilemmas for military, aerospace and high-reliability applications. ISI’s process of removing lead-free (RoHS) solder balls then attaching leaded Sn63Pb37 eutectic balls has been audited and approved for production by leading commercial, industrial, aerospace and defense companies.
BGA reballing lead free RoHS compliant

Beyond equipment and process flow—our projects are most successful when we deeply collaborate and engage with our customers.

Case Studies

Our best success stories involve:

COLLABORATION Your engineering team working with ours as peers to solve a problem like shrinking a small board down to the size of a coin.

ENGAGEMENT Customers don't see us as just a contract manufacturer. Our value comes from our design engineering, like optimizing for cost or environmental conditions. Tap into our long history of successful projects by engaging with us early—and with your toughest challenges. We're ready!

End-to-End Microelectronic Development Expertise

miniaturized BGA on fingertip
electronics overmolding encapsulation
smart sensor module
System in package module
ic interposer replacement device

Ultra-dense, SWaP-optimized microelectronic assemblies. 

Survive harsh environments;
Temperature cycle, shock, and vibration.

Integration of sensors with microelectronic modules.

Multi-component modules in standard IC form factor
(BGA, QFP, etc.).

Replace obsolete ICs with a form/fit/function equivalent module.

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