Achieving SWaP-Optimized Microelectronic Modules

ISI Provides a Clear Path to Miniaturized, Custom Electronic Modules

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, miniaturized electronics have become indispensable, driving innovation across industries. As a company specializing in comprehensive design and manufacturing services for custom, miniaturized electronic modules, ISI understands the crucial role these modules play in advancing technology.

PCB Design Expertise is Key to Miniaturization

Our PCB designers tackle the challenge of miniaturizing circuitry for smaller modular electronic components through a strategic approach. They begin by understanding the system requirements and collaborating with our customers to define design goals. 

To achieve miniaturization, our designers use surface mount technology (SMT) and high-density interconnect (HDI) PCB designs, enabling a higher component density and better space utilization. Maintaining signal integrity is crucial, and they employ controlled impedance routing and differential pairs to minimize signal degradation and interference. Effective thermal management is addressed through thermal vias, heat sinks, and component placement.

Additionally, our PCB designers work closely with our manufacturing teams to ensure manufacturability, considering component availability, assembly techniques, and testing. The result is the development of smaller and more efficient modular packaged electronic components that drive innovation across industries.

Benefits of Miniaturized Electronic Modules

Miniaturized electronic modules offer unparalleled space optimization, allowing for efficient use of limited real estate. They enable the integration of multiple functionalities into compact devices, empowering manufacturers to create smaller, sleeker, and more portable solutions. This is crucial for industries such as defense and aerospace, where size and weight constraints are paramount.
By reducing the size of electronic components, miniaturization minimizes signal propagation distances, resulting in faster data processing, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced system performance. These advantages are invaluable in applications requiring real-time decision-making and rapid data communication, such as avionics systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Partner with ISI to Solve Your Miniaturization Challenges

Customization is key when it comes to miniaturized electronic modules. Our company possesses a dedicated team of engineers with extensive design expertise, enabling us to create tailored solutions that meet specific requirements. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that their vision is translated into optimal designs that balance size, performance, and functionality.

Industries such as defense and aerospace demand modules that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our design and manufacturing processes prioritize ruggedization, incorporating techniques such as overmolding and thermal management to ensure reliability and longevity in challenging operating environments.

Manufacturing miniaturized electronic modules requires precision and attention to detail. Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with advanced machinery and automated processes, enable us to achieve exceptional manufacturing quality. We implement rigorous quality assurance protocols, including comprehensive testing and inspection, to guarantee the reliability and performance of our modules.
miniaturized modules dimm ddr
DIMMs repackaged to smaller footprint
miniaturized module on fingertip
Miniaturized module w/wire bonding

Beyond equipment and process flow—great projects get done because we collaborate and engage at a deeper level than anyone else.

Case Studies

Our best success stories involve:

COLLABORATION Your engineering team working with ours as peers to solve a problem like shrinking a small board down to the size of a coin.

ENGAGEMENT Customers don't see us as just a contract manufacturer. Our value comes from our design engineering, like optimizing for cost or environmental conditions. Tap into our long history of successful projects by engaging with us early—and with your toughest challenges. We're ready!

End-to-End Microelectronic Development Expertise

miniaturized BGA on fingertip
electronics overmolding encapsulation
smart sensor module
System in package module
ic interposer replacement device

Ultra-dense, SWaP-optimized microelectronic assemblies. 

Survive harsh environments;
Temperature cycle, shock, and vibration.

Integration of sensors with microelectronic modules.

Multi-component modules in standard IC form factor
(BGA, QFP, etc.).

Replace obsolete ICs with a form/fit/function equivalent module.

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