Four Clock Outputs 1.5KHz to 1GHz 1ppm & Four Trigger Outputs & Spartan-3 FPGA

x3-timing spartan-3 fpga


The X3-Timing is an XMC I/O module with precision, low-noise clock generation and distribution. The module has 4 output clocks and four output triggers as well as a clock/reference input and a trigger input. The X3-Timing can also act as a system timing card in PXI systems, providing the reference clock, sample clocks and triggering.

Key Features

Programmable 1.5 kHz
to 1 GHz range

4x single-ended clock outputs


Block Diagram, Data Sheet and Product Details


  • Clock generation and distribution
  • Four single-ended clock outputs
  • External clock/reference input
  • Low jitter: 0.2 ps jitter RMS
  • Programmable 1.5 kHz to 1 GHz range
  • 10 MHz, 1 ppm frequency reference
  • Optional GPS-disciplined reference
  • Indoor GPS reception under most conditions
  • Four programmable trigger outputs
  • Supports PXI DSTAR, DCLKA, DCLKB, triggers and local bus
  • External trigger input
  • Instant-on configuration
  • XMC Module (75×150 mm) 
  • PCI Express (VITA 42.3)


  • Sample clock generation for high speed data acquisition applications
  • Sample clock generation for multi-channel systems
  • Synchronization for distributed systems
  • GPS-coordinated systems
  • Timing Generation (Analog cover and heatsink removed.)

In the sample clock generation mode, the X3-Timing can generate clocks from 1560 kHz to 1 GHz. The clocks are referenced to GPS, an on-card 1 ppm oscillator, or an external input. The PLL circuit is fully programmable, providing extremely low noise clocks with 0.2 ps RMS jitter typically. The output clocks are phase aligned to within 100 ps. Each output clock is a 1 to 80 subdivision of the PLL or external clock.

The optional GPS receiver outputs a 10 MHz reference signal locked to the GPS that is very stable and low noise. This GPS receiver has been specially optimized for the best time stability and receiver sensitivity. The receiver requires only one satellite for time tracking and -186 dBw power, making it able to receive indoors in most conditions.

A Windows and Linux application are provided that are used to configure and control the X3-Timing features. Configurations can be stored for instant-on use in the on-card memory. Software tools for host development include C libraries and drivers for Windows and Linux.

This extremely versatile module is easily adapted for use in virtually any type of system. Our XMC carrier adapters offer conduction and convection cooling and are available for a range of interfaces including Desktop PCI, Desktop PCI Express, Cabled PCI Express, CompactPCI, and PXI/PXI Express. This module is also readily installed into Innovative Integration’s eInstrument Embedded PC, SBC-ComEx Single-Board Computer, and Andale Data Loggers.

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