Aircraft Engine Control System

Aircraft photo

CASE STUDY: Aircraft Engine Control System Compact and flexible solution also reduced costs The customer had an aircraft engine control system common to several engine platforms.  The control system monitored and controlled RPM, temperature, vibration, cycles, position, and other critical parameters to optimize engine performance.  The control system was comprised of several sensor boards and […]

Infrared Camera Image Pre-Processor

Infared camera module compared to US quarter

CASE STUDY: IR Camera Image Pre-Processor Image Pre-Processor Module Today’s silicon memory and processor solutions are getting increasingly complex. Couple that with the challenges of miniaturization, and you are faced with much more engineering work to arrive at a reliable, commercially viable solution. This case study focuses on an image pre-processing module for an infrared […]

Intel Atom Processor and DDR 3 Memory

Bare module before overmolding

CASE STUDY: Intel Atom Processor + DDR 3 Memory Bare module before overmolding Microprocessor + Memory Module (SiP) Compute module for control systems on commercial aircraft Modularization allows re-use of module in multiple applications on multiple aircraft Lifecycle Management: Module configuration allows for future IC upgrades, while maintaining original footprint Module was ruggedized with overmolding […]