Recorded Webinar | Leverage ISI’s Electronics Development Expertise

Webinar: Leverage ISI electronics development expertise for your next project

Recorded Webinar: Leverage ISI’s Electronics Module Development Expertise for Your Next Project End-to-end Microelectronics Module Design and Manufacturing with a Single Vendor For 35 years, ISI has been a valued resource to companies requiring customized microelectonics modules for high-reliablity applications. With ever-increasing market needs for smaller, tougher, and more capable electronics, ISI has the experience […]

Recorded Webinar | Custom Interposers to Replace Unavailable Components

Webinar: Adapting to the component shortage - custom interposers to replace unavailable devices

Recorded Webinar: Custom Interposers to Replace Unavailable Components Adapting to Semiconductor and IC Supply Constraints ISI is leveraging our deep experience with IC obsolescence solutions to solve our customers’ component supply problems with customized interposers to match their existing PCB footprint. Watch this webinar to learn how ISI can help your organization circumvent supply shortages through […]

Custom Interposer with FPGA

FPGA interposer background image

CASE STUDY: Custom Interposer with FPGA Top: PCB with replacement IC and HiLo pin field, Bottom: HiLo socket matches original footprint Footprint Adapter with Replacement Device A semi-conductor equipment manufacturer was unable to build their equipment due to the long lead-time / unavailability of a FPGA device. The customer located a replacement FPGA device with […]