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Electronics Overmolding

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Turn your most likely point of failure in to your least likely point of failure. Electronics component and module overmolding and encapsulation ensures protection against shock and vibration. Shock and vibration occurs in many ways during the manufacturing process, as well as throughout the lifetime of the product. Electronics overmolding and encapsulation is extremely useful in aerospace, military, automotive, industrial and anywhere mobile and handheld devices are on the move.

Electronics overmolding and encapsulation is extremely useful in the following areas:

– Aerospace
– High Performance Computing
– Industrial
– Military
– Mobile & Handheld Devices
– Transportation


  • In-house mold making and high-volume injection-molding equipment
  • Full tool shop – CNC machines, wire EDMs
  • Contact stamping and forming
  • Multi-head drilling & routing for laminate insulators
  • Automated contact insertion equipment
  • 100% optical inspection capability for flatness and contact co-planarity and true position

MMCM: Molded Multi-Component Modules

Molded Multi-Component Modules (MMCM) are designed for miniaturized, rugged applications. These modules can be used as a rugged SiP / System in Package, an IC replacement for obsolescence or cost reduction, or high-density memory modules. MMCM solutions improve cost and reliability for custom applications.

  • Complex, multiple components integrated in a single module
    • Bare or packaged die + passive electronic components overmolded with thermoset epoxy
  • Ideal for miniaturized, rugged applications in harsh environments
  • An affordable way to ruggedize electronic modules
  • Modules can be designed to directly replace obsolete devices
Electronics protection with over molding

3D Stacked BGA module and X-ray

Electronics protection with over molding

3D Stacked BGA module and X-ray

Electronics protection with over molding

40-pin DIP module and X-ray

Thermoset Overmolding

Multiple packaged ICs, bare die, and passive components can be molded into single, monolithic component:

  • Thermoset epoxy is same type of material used in standard BGA and QFP packages
  • Does not melt or soften during subsequent reflow processes
  • Ultra-fine particle size can underfill BGAs and flip chips and also provide wirebond encapsulation
  • Ideal for rugged environments

ISI’s Thermoset Epoxy Environmental Specifications:

  • High temp operating life: 125 Deg C, 1000 hours
  • Temperature Cycle: -55 to 125 Deg C, 1000 cycles
  • Temperature and Humidity biased: 85 Deg C/85 RH for 1000 hours
  • Moisture Sensitivity: Level 3

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Molded Multi-Component Packages


Customer’s Challenge

  • Avionics customer faced obsolescence on part, needed alternative IC package
  • Redesigning avionics main board would mean requalificationIC Package Replacement for Avionics
  • Due to high temp and vibration requirements, a standard nonovermolded adapter would not be an option

ISI’s Solution

  • After in-depth cost analysis, customer determined it would be more cost effective to design an ISI overmolded 40-pin DIP package to replace current IC package
  • The rugged overmolded design consisted of off-the-shelf packaged parts on an FR4 PCB with ISI lead frame pins
  • Non-molded prototypes delivered and tested within 4-6 weeks
  • Molded prototypes met customer qualifications and delivered within 2 weeks after approval
  • ISI solution flexible to meet any of the customer’s future redesign issues

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