Mastering Miniaturization: 5 Key Considerations for Smaller Electronic Modules

In the realm of electronic engineering, the pursuit of miniaturization represents a constant challenge and opportunity. At ISI, we’ve honed our expertise in miniaturizing circuitry and producing highly capable electronic modules that defy traditional size constraints. In this blog post, we’ll identify and address the five most important design and manufacturing considerations that underpin our […]

Turn COTS ICs into High-Reliability ICs

Ruggedized hardware

Introducing a technical paper demonstrating an internal study conducted by ISI Addressing Market Needs to Withstand High Thermal Cycling Many leading-edge semiconductor device packages are designed for mass-market consumer products, like smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. While these packages are cost-effective and sufficiently capable for consumer electronics, they are inadequate for harsh environmental applications. For […]

PCB Design and Layout Expertise at the Heart of Miniaturization

PCB board close-up

The key to a high-quality, reliable microelectronics solution is a well-thought-out PCB design. This blog post outlines the essential elements of our Design and Development disciplines that distinguish ISI from design firms, PCB fabricators, and contract manufacturers.