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Unlimited Possibilities

Interconnect Systems International (ISI) can deliver optimized microelectronics solutions, that meet customer’s needs for more capable, denser and ruggedized products.  ISI’s system-level design capabilities and vertically integrated manufacturing strategy enable quick turnaround design, prototyping and manufacturing of microelectronics solutions, which meet our customers’ technical and commercial requirements. ISI delivers solutions across a variety of industries:

ISI stands ready to collaborate with you to optimize your microelectronic design and provide the best possible solution. To get started, please tell us about your project.

Medical Device Packaging

Military & Aerospace

Enabling Technology by Air, Sea, Land and Space

Military and aerospace application requirements are unique and demanding.  ISI can design your product to meet those special requirements to operate as intended:

  • Optimization of design to increase reliability
  • Advanced packaging – miniaturization of electronics to increase capabilities without increasing size
  • Physical protection from harsh environments through over-molding and encapsulation
  • Accelerated life testing to ensure operation in extreme environments
  • Adapters and modules can extend the life of your system by replacing obsolete IC’s
  • Reballing of RoHS compliant semiconductor components with SnPb BGA balls
Military & Aerospace

Medical Microelectronics

Miniaturized Medical Devices, Instruments, Implants and more

Miniaturized electronics benefit medical patients and healthcare providers:

  • Smaller instruments and surgical devices require smaller incisions, which lead to quicker recovery time and more outpatient procedures
  • Smaller ambulatory and hand-held products increase patient mobility and improve quality of life
  • Miniaturized electronic packaging can increase the capabilities of implants without increasing size
  • Wearable electronics remain lightweight and maintain flexibility, while increasing capabilities
Medical Microelectronics


Cars, Trucks, Trains, Planes & more

Autonomous driving, mobile communications, onboard safety, infotainment and convenience are translating into more electronic systems in vehicles. ISI’s unique design and manufacturing capabilities can optimize transportation related electronics to deliver greater value into the fast-changing transportation segment.

  • System design capabilities allow ISI to translate customer requirements into optimized customer designs for performance, quality and manufacturability
  • Advanced packaging capabilities allow ISI to miniaturize electronics to help reduce weight and size while maintaining performance in transportation applications
  • Data acquisition and sensor signal processing hardware solutions allows ISI to collaborate with customers on ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications
  • Design, prototype and optimize for production with ISI’s in house design resources and vertical manufacturing strategy

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