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Integrated Solutions
Endless Possibilities

ISI helps turn ideas into reality

ISI’s team works closely with customers to integrate multiple technologies into tiny form-factors we call ‘microelectronics’. By utilizing multiple design and manufacturing technologies, we collaborate with our customers to develop the most optimized solution for their application.

Medical Device Packaging

Dense Compute Node

Datacenter in the Palm of your Hand

A high-density, 32-node compute-in-memory cluster with postage-stamp sized compute nodes

  • SoC FPGA
  • 8 GB DDR3
  • (32) nodes in ~ 3” x 3” master modules
  • Liquid cooled, thermally controlled design

Miniaturized Solutions

Integrated Components – Customized to your Spec

ISI has the ability to take virtually any components and miniaturize.

Product Applications:

  • Imaging Systems
  • IoT / Near Sensor Processing
  • Memory Modules
Miniaturized Electronic Devices - We make the hardware small enough

Integrated Microelectronics

ISI = Next Level Integration

The possibilities are endless with design and manufacturing assistance from ISI. ISI has the ability to design and manufacture miniature systems that work in a number of applications in a wide variety of industries.

Common Markets ISI Serves:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Broadcast
  • Compute / Network
  • Datacenter
  • Defense
  • Embedded
  • Industrial
  • Medical Device
  • Railway
  • Telecommunications

Real-Time Solutions

Data Acquisition & Signal Processing Solutions

ISI’s sensor processing knowledge combines FPGAs, analog ICs, firmware and software to provide data acquisition and signal processing solutions

View our available solutions online HERE

ISI specializes in the following real-time solutions:

  • I/O Modules
  • Embedded Controllers
  • Turnkey Instrumentation
Innovative Integration combines FPGAs, analog ICs, firmware and software to provide data acquisition and signal processing solutions

FPGA Accelerated Computing

Leading Edge Performance – Available Now

Bittware is a leading supplier of FPGA board-level solutions. Their products accelerate computing algorithms by leveraging high performance, programmable FPGA devices. Bittware FPGA hardware, software and firmware are available for hire by way of advanced projects with ISI.

Visit Bittware online:

Bittware Products:

  • S7t-VG6 –  Achronix Speedster7t Network-on-Chip Accelerator Board
  • 520N-MX – Compute Acceleration Board
  • TeraBox 1400B – High-Density FPGA Server

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