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Convert single or multiple components to virtually any IC footprint

ISI is the industry leader as the world’s largest volume IC manufacturer of adapter products, designing approximately 150 new adapters each year to help customers through semiconductor shortages, outages, FPGA EOL, FPGA PDN, etc. We can supply the adapter only, as well as provide a complete turn-key assembly by purchasing all the required components, solder the components to the top of the adapter, and test the completed assembly.

Why respin…. when you can adapt!

  • Adapters solve IC obsolescence issues, replace EOL FPGAs, simplify manufacturing processes, and reduce host-PCB cost
  • Low-NRE designs resolve temporary sourcing issues as well as permanent component replacements
  • ISI can provide the adapter board or the assembled solution including sourcing components
  • In many cases new component and interposer is less expensive than original IC
  • Get a quote in less than 24 hours, prototypes in two weeks and volume production in four weeks

Quickly convert any package style and pitch with our North American based design and manufacturing.

  • Overmolding available to encapsulate assembly
  • Ultra-thin laminate substrates
  • Custom high-performance interconnects
  • Automated IC placement equipment
  • Vertically integrated, high-volume manufacturing capabilities
  • 100% automated optical inspection
  • JTAG and electrical test capabilities

ISI specializes in manufacturing our own module interconnect technologies. We have multiple solutions that allow the replacement module to be assembled to the motherboard with the same manufacturing process as the original IC:

  • BGA: any size, pitch and alloy
  • Leadframe (QFP/SOIC): FlexFrame, Etched leadframe, edge-clip leads, bumped solder pads
  • Pinned packages: HiLo pin array, etched leadframe
  • Socketable Interconnect: HiLo Flexible Interconnect System

ISI modules have been qualified for use in the most rugged of electronics applications

  • Military
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Flight critical applications
  • Naval
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Networking & Telecom
  • Utilize latest generation silicon in your system
  • Purchase product you need, when you need it
  • Quick turn development / minimize legacy engineering
  • Qualify by similarity- form, fit & function

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