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IC Obsolescence & Reballing

//IC Obsolescence & Reballing
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Eliminate the Hassles

IC Obsolescence / Parts Change Notice / PCN

Have you recently received a Parts Change Notice (PCN) for a vital part in your system? ISI can help eliminate the hassles of tracking down multiple vendors to help keep your product up to date.

  • Life-Time Buys
  • Gray Market Components
  • Long-Term Development
  • Respinning PCB
  • Requalifying PCB

IC Adapters

IC Adapters - no need to redesign your existing motherboard

ISI is a recognized industry leader and the world’s largest volume IC manufacturer of adapter products that convert single or multiple components to almost any IC footprint. We design approximately 150 new adapters each year to help customers through semiconductor shortages, outages, FPGA EOL, FPGA PDN, etc.

BGA Reballing

Most semiconductor suppliers have converted to lead-free packaging creating reliability and compatibility dilemmas for military, aerospace and Hi-Rel applications. ISI’s process of removing lead-free (RoHS) solder spheres then attaching leaded Sn63Pb37 eutectic spheres, otherwise known as “reballing” has been qualified by leading commercial, industrial, military and aerospace companies.

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