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FPGA Computing Systems

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FPGA Computing Solutions

The products below are common FPGA Computing Systems architectures, providing pre-engineered FPGA platforms that reduce system design time and complexity.

Nallatech products accelerate
computing algorithms by leveraging high
performance with customizable and
programmable FPGA devices

Innovative Integration combines FPGAs, analog ICs, firmware and software to provide data acquisition and signal processing solutions

ISI combines system design with miniaturized packaging to place compute power near the sensor, reducing bandwidth/latency

FPGA Computing Systems = ISI’s Custom Compute Innovation

  • Real-time 4 x HD SWIR, LWIR, and visible-spectrum video processing
  • Medical imaging and diagnostic equipment
  • Industrial inspection and machine vision
  • Surveillance including facial recognition and license-plate monitoring
  • Night-vision systems
  • Defense including UAVs, helmet cameras, and smart weapons systems
  • Any analog or digital-input sensor system ranging from acoustic to X-ray

Configurable FPGA computing systems resources are located near your sensor to reduce system-level size, cost, latencies, bandwidth requirements, and power consumption. Output options include 1/10 GigE & GigE Vision, LVDS, Camera Link, Aurora, RS-232, programmable pins, and custom formats.

The FPGA Computing System Development Process

IoT / Edge Computing

  • Efficiency Advantages
    • Increase compute speed
    • Move compute power closer to the source
    • Decrease data bandwidth bottlenecks
    • Improve security
    • Self-define network architecture
    • Target user application
    • Keep info out of the cloud
    • Enable virtualization
    • Group CPU capabilities on an as-needed, real-time basis
    • Extend scalability