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PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Connectors

///PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Connectors
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Make ISI your reliable source for PC/104 connectors!

PC104 Interconnect by ISI

All PC/104 connectors made by ISI meet or exceed requirements of the PC/104 Embedded-PC consortium specifications

  • Optimize your PC104 Product Quality, Assembly Process and Cost

  • Get the Lead-Time Advantage:
    – Quick-turn delivery of stock – 1 day shipments
    – 200 or less pieces – 72 hours
    – Most common configurations in stock

  • RoHS/Lead-Free Compliant:
    – Solder tail and press fit connectors

  • Domestic Production & Domestic Stock

  • Volume Discounts Available

  • 18+ years of Serving Leading OEMs

  • Standard & Custom Configurations Available
    – Through hole
    – Press fit
    – Solder attach
    – Standard as well as proprietary hardware and accessories available, including end of stack headers

  • Need your PC/104 Connectors Customized?
    We can help you design and manufacture to any configuration imaginable.
    – Custom molded bodies, contacts, plating

PC/104-Plus, 120 Position, 2mm Pitch
120 Position

ApplicationLead StylePart Number
Press Fit1242PF-120G
Solder Array50808-120G
Plastic ShroudAll1264-120
Press Fit1241PF-120G2LF
Solder Array50825-120G2
End Of Stack HeaderSoldertail1265

PC/104-Plus, 60 Position, 2mm Pitch

64 Position

ApplicationLead StylePart Number

PC/104-Plus, 30 Position, 2mm Pitch

32 & 20 Position

ApplicationLead StylePart Number

PC/104 Hardware

ProductMaterialPart Number
Press In Tool* (required for Press Fit)Hardened SteelHW-PCT2
Bottom Press FixtureHardened SteelHW-PCT3
Spacer (0.600″ between boards)BrassHW-PC600M
Nut for SpacerPlasticHW-PC440NP
Screw for SpacerPlasticHW-PC440SP