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Specialized & Standard PCB Connectors to Fit Your Need – ISI’s standard and custom connector technologies support a wide range of commercial, industrial, and defense applications. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to quickly go from concept to mass production in weeks, not months and allows for surprisingly affordable NRE. Download connector overview

Featured Connector Technologies

HiLo Interconnect

Maximum Flexibility & Quick Time to Market

HiLo Interconnect by Molex ISI provides system designers the ability to create custom board to board, or module to socket interconnect solutions in a variety of configurations, stack heights, pitches and pin counts.  The revolutionary HiLo is created out of standard materials and processes, which allows for the design, prototype and production of a custom high-density interconnect solutions in a very short time period. HiLo custom configurations enable designers to realize maximum flexibility to optimize PCB layout and component placement and simplify their designs. Download HiLo connector overview


  • High-Density: 0.8mm pitch and above
  • High-Speed: 1 dB cut-off measured at 9.3 GHz
  • High-I/O: Can be supplied with over 2000 I/O
  • High-Reliability: Proven dual-beam gold-plated high strength copper alloy contacts
  • High-Speed Assembly: Pick and place compatible
  • Low-Profile: Socket height less than 2mm
  • Low-Cost: A few cents per mated pair in high volume production
  • Low Tooling Cost: Tooling cost for custom footprints less than $1000
  • Low-Insertion Force: One ounce per contact
  • Any Application: Includes both pin and socket arrays to accommodate multiple applications: Production IC socket, module interconnect, board-to-board connector, flex to PCB connector
  • Quick Delivery: Prototype quantities shipped in 2 weeks
  • Any Footprint: Not limited to standard arrays or geometries. Design freedom for mixed pitch, selectively populated, and non-grid arrays
  • CTE Compliant: Can be designed to accommodate thermal mismatch

Optimize interconnect for your application without increasing cost or lead-time

  • Any Pitch
  • Any Pattern
  • 2500+ Positions
  • Mounting hardware and alignment features available
  • IC Socketing
  • 3D Module Interconnect
  • Module Interconnect
  • Module to Board Interconnect

FlexFrame Interconnect

FlexFrame Interconnect is a module-level interconnect technology that enables multi-component modules to be placed on printed circuit boards to act as an adapter to apply the same process as a standard leadframe package. FlexFrame Interconnect is available with a wide range of pin locations, pitches, and standoff heights. Flexibility is also enhanced by windows that enable components to be placed in the center of a module.

FlexFrame adapters utilize phosphor-bronze pins that are arrayed in a carrier and formed to emulate gullwing or J-leads. Carriers are constructed of laminates with coefficients of thermal expansion compatible with host PCBs.

ISI provides 100% automated optical inspection of FlexFrame leads for position, flatness and coplanarity per JEDEC specifications. These adapters are shipped in tape and reel packaging ready for placement using standard SMT equipment.

These rugged interconnects have been qualified for use in high-reliability military, aerospace, telecom, networking, server, and industrial applications.

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Custom Connectors

Quick removal and replacement of BGA components and modules

Custom interconnect solutions range from modifying existing designs to full-custom, overmolded solutions. Our applications expertise includes harsh environment applications such as military, industrial and transportation.

ISI adds broad capabilities for custom connector applications, including:

  • Collaborative Engineering Approach
  • Tool and Die Making
  • Molding/Overmolding
  • Contact Stamping
  • Automated Contact Assembly

Standard Connectors

PC/104 Connectors

PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Connectors



Jumpers / Shunts

Surface Mount SCSI Connectors

Surface Mount SCSI Connectors

Disk Drive Connectors

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