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Connector Products

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ISI’s standard and custom connector products and technologies support a wide range of commercial, industrial and defense applications. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allows us to quickly go from concept to mass production in weeks, not months and allows for surprisingly affordable NRE.


  • Collaborative design approach starting with concept and feasibility
  • SOLIDWORKS® 3D design
  • Signal integrity analysis and validation
  • Thermal and power modeling
  • CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) optimized material selection
  • Housing and contact design


  • In-house mold making and high-volume injection-molding equipment
  • Full tool shop – CNC machines, wire EDMs
  • Contact stamping and forming
  • Multi-head drilling & routing for laminate insulators
  • Automated contact insertion equipment
  • 100% optical inspection capability for flatness and contact co-planarity and true position


  • High pin count, high performance area array connectors
  • Module and IC package interconnect: BGA, MLF, QFP, SOIC, PGA, DIP
  • Board-to-board, module-to-board, and IC device-to-board interconnect
  • Overmolding, hot-swap designs, high currents, and harsh operating environments
  • Special pin platings, EMI/RFI shielding

Soldered Module

  • BGA & LGA
  • Leadframe/ FlexFrame
  • PGA, MicroPGA & DIP

Socketed Module

HiLo­™ Flexible Interconnect

  • 2500+ position
  • Any 0.8 mm and higher pitch (constant pitch not required)
  • Low profile, < 3mm mated pair
  • 10Gbps + applications

Custom Interconnect

  • Orthogonal Board-to-Board
  • Automotive -Overmolded

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