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Next Level Integration

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A Blend of High-Density Packaging & Interconnect – Traditionally, electronics miniaturization has been achieved by semiconductor level integration, which combines several independent die in current-generation products into a single IC or ASIC for next-generation products. However, NRE for leading-edge ICs costs millions of dollars, making it cost prohibitive for many customers who need dense packaging for their applications. Now, with the latest packaging technologies, you don’t need cell phone production volumes to miniaturize and reduce costs on your next design.

ISI’s Next Level Integration Process

Next Level Integration Process

ISI pioneered the concept and development of Next Level Integration through its design and manufacturing disciplines. Next Level Integration is an alternative design path that integrates at the module level when it is too expensive and time intensive to maximize integration on the silicon. In many designs, Next Level Integration has proven to be cost effective and shorten time-to-market.

ISI’s expertise in Next Level Integration combines high-density packaging and advanced interconnect technologies to quickly deliver optimized modular solutions. We offer customers a comprehensive turnkey solution with our design and process development knowledge and extensive manufacturing assets. With our broad capabilities, we are able to quickly execute on Next Level Integration projects that would typically require multiple suppliers and much more time.

Since 1987, ISI has delivered solutions for an extensive installed base including industrial, medical, mil/aero, datacom, telecom, automotive, and consumer applications. We currently own numerous U.S. patents for products and processes with additional filings under review. Additionally, ISI is ITAR registered, IPC Class III certified, and ISO9001:2008 Certified.

We encourage customers to visit our facilities to meet our team and evaluate our broad capabilities in person. Our design team of more than 70 degreed engineers has hundreds of years of experience in a wide variety of electronic interconnect challenges that can be leveraged to help make your next project a success.

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