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IC Packaging Experience

1993ISI was founded to commercialize low cost, high performance organic IC packages as an alternative to ceramic packages. 

As a semiconductor packaging start-up in 1987, we had limited resources and no brand name. We survived by relying on our ingenuity to come up with solutions that solved our customers’ challenges better than offerings from mainstream packaging suppliers. 

2001For 25 years, we have been involved in a wide variety of high-density and bare die packaging applications, and implemented new technologies well ahead of traditional suppliers. Along the way, we have continuously improved our capabilities and experience by adding engineering talent, investing in manufacturing assets, and by completing strategic acquisitions. Read more about the milestones we have achieved the past two decades.

2008ISI’s expertise in Next Level Integration allows us to approach projects a little differently than other suppliers. At the design phase, an important part is the co-development process where we engage with system architects, CTOs and engineering managers at the very early stages of the project. We do not apply a pre-engineered packaging solution to the application, but rather present customized design concepts that can best meet your technical requirements. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities have state-of-the-art equipment that can deliver 3D and advanced packaging solutions to ensure fast time-to-market for your application. 

Going forward, we believe that developments in packaging technology will play as big a role as transistor evolution in advancing Moore’s Law.


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