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Enabling Technologies

ISI has qualified a variety of stacked die techniques. All of these processes are available for use with standard die and do not require custom die or TSVs (through silicon vias).

IC Packaging

  • Bare die on any substrate: FR4, thin board, flex, rigid flex, exotic materials
  • Die attach gold wire bonding; gold or aluminum wedge bonding
  • Encapsulation, glob-top or dam and fill
  • Flip chip including flux, high accuracy placement, reflow and underfill
  • Combination of bare and packaged die enabled reduced form factors
  • High performance organic substrate vs. ceramic provides a cost effective solution
  • Bare die assembly on flex/rigid circuits

3D Stacked Die Stacking
Various die, tiered wire bond
Fig. 1 Various die, tiered wire bond
Multiple same die stacked with spacers

Fig. 2 Multiple same die stacked with spacers

Flip chip + tiered wire bond

Fig. 3 Flip chip + tiered wire bond

Center bond using Z-controlled die attach

Fig. 4 Center bond using Z-controlled die attach

Thermoset Overmolding

Multiple packaged ICs, bare die, and passive components can be ‘molded’ into single, monolithic component

  • Thermoset epoxy is same type of material used in standard BGA and QFP packages
  • Does not melt or soften during subsequent reflow processes
  • Ultra-fine particle size can underfill BGAs and flip chips and also provide wirebond encapsulation
  • Ideal for rugged environments

3D & Advanced Packaging - Enabling Technologies / Thermoset Overmolding


3D Substrate Stacking

ISI designs and manufactures high-density z-axis interconnect to facilitate stacking of thin substrates

   0.4mm pitch and above (area array)

   Precision dimensions / thin walls minimize keep-out area

Substrate stacking using bare die
Fig 1. Substrate stacking using bare-die

Stacked, molded packaging using packaged devices

Fig 2. Stacked substrates using packaged devices

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