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At ISI, we approach projects a little differently than most suppliers. We make sure not to apply a pre-engineered package family for each application, but rather are involved in a co-development process from concept all the way to production. We work best when we are deeply engaged with our customers at the early concept development stage and have the opportunity to learn what is most critical for their application.



To implement Next Level Integration designs, we have assembled a top-notch design and engineering team and invested in multiple manufacturing disciplines. Our design team of 70 degreed engineers (and growing!) has hundreds of years of experience in a wide variety of electronic interconnect challenges that can be leveraged to help make your application a success.

As a project-oriented company, we continually take on challenging projects that utilize a wide variety of packaging and interconnect technologies outlined below.



PCB & Substrate Layout

  • IC package substrate & PCB module design
  • High speed digital signal routing
    • Differential Pair, Controlled Impedance,
    • Matched Length, Maximum Length
  • Mixed Digital/Analog/RF designs
  • High Density Designs
    • Fine Line & Space
    • Blind & Buried Vias
    • Microvias
    • Build-Up Technology
  • Broad Substrate / PCB Vendor Base


FPGA & Memory Systems

  • FPGA sensor processing & accelerated computing solutions
  • Complete hardware design capability
    • Memory Interfaces, DDR3 SDRAM, SRAM, Flash
    • Host interfaces: PCIe, FSB, QPI
    • High speed analog AD and DA design
    • High speed serial IO and Ethernet
  • FPGA IP cores and firmware design
  • Software drivers and interface design
    • Windows, Linux and VxWork

3D & Advanced IC Packaging

  • High Density Memory Packaging
  • 3D Packaging Designs
  • Flip Chip / Underfill
  • Encapsulation and Overmolding
  • Optical Die Packaging
  • Camera Die Packaging

High Performance Connectors 

  • Large surface mount connectors with tight coplanarity & flatness specs
  • Extremely high signal count interconnect, 2400 position+
  • Module-level interconnect compatible IC packages:
    • BGA, LGA
    • QFP, SOIC
    • MicroPGA, PGA, DIP
  • Multi-gigabit interconnect
  • Mixed pitch interconnect
  • High current / power interconnect 

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling
  • Contact Stress Modeling
  • ISI-Design-Main
  • ISI-Design-Main2
  • ISI-Design-Main3
  • PCB Design
  • Thermal Modeling

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