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Connector Manufacturing

High-volume custom interconnect manufacturing:

  • Multi-head drilling & routing for laminate insulators
  • Injection molding machines for plastic insulators
  • In-house mold making
  • Full tool shop - CNC machines and wire EDMs
  • Automated contact insertion equipment
  • Automated BGA sphere assembly equipment
  • Gull-wing and J-lead forming and trimming
  • 100% optical inspection capability for contact presence and true position


  • HAAS Machining Center
  • Mitsubishi Wire EDMs
  • Mitsubishi EDM Hole Popper
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Precision Drilling
  • Precision Drilling Close Up
  • Six Head High Capacity Drilling
  • Automated Contact Insertion
  • Automated Contact Insertion Close Up
  • Connector Insert Molding
  • Precision Routing
  • FICO Transfer Molding Machines
  • Capabiliites-Custom-Connectors

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